The Night Journey – A new Christmas book for children by Fr Robbie Low

Christmas presents solved!!  Fr. Robbie has written a new 32-page full-colour book children’s book called THE NIGHT JOURNEY.

“I wrote this for families everywhere – an adventure that reconnects us with the Christmas story, is centred in the mystery of the Mass and leads us to the manger and the child in the arms of Mary. It is beautifully illustrated by my artist friend, the immensely talented Jan Burrell. My hope is that, not only will this become a seasonal bedtime favourite but also the perfect Christmas gift for children and grandchildren – a little work of evangelism and, as you will find in the book, a key link across the generations.”

Bishop Mark, Bishop of Plymouth writes:
“I highly recommend this lovely reflection. It is beautifully illustrated and captures, in an inspirational way, the truths of the Incarnation of Jesus at Christmas and His Real presence in the Eucharist. I am sure readers of all ages will enjoy it.’

Dr Rowan Williams (former Archbishop of Canterbury) has given this commendation:
“In both words and pictures, this is a beautiful way into the heart of the Christmas celebration, reminding us that understanding Christmas is understanding the Mass, and understanding the Mass is all about the daily  ‘Christmas’ of God’s love in Jesus Christ. It’s a lovely book and I hope to share it with the next but one generation of my family.”

All profits will go to charities working with disadvantaged children.

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