The Passion of Christ

This series of short meditations were given by Fr Robbie Low during a retreat at Fowey Retreat in Cornwall during Lent in 2011.  We are very pleased to be able to reproduce them here.  You can download them as a free podcast by going to this link.

1.  Caiaphas13 minutes

2. Pontius Pilate10 minutes

3. Judas Iscariot10 minutes

4. Simon of Cyrene13 minutes

5. The Centurion11 minutes

6. Joseph of Aramathaea11 minutes

7.  The Kidron14 minutes

8.  Gethsemane11 minutes

9.  Galicantu 13 minutes

10. The Via Dolorosa12 minutes

11.  The Temple Mount14 minutes

12.  Calvary10 minutes

13.  The Tree – 12 minutes

14.  The Ladder9 minutes

15.  INRI7 minutes

16.  The Dice11 minutes

17.  The Spear 8 minutes

18.  The Nails – 10 minutes

19.  Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.  11 minutes

20.  Today you will be with me in paradise.  10 minutes

21.  I thirst.   10 minutes

22.  Woman, behold your son.  Son, behold your mother.   10 minutes