Becoming a Catholic

This page is dedicated to the encouragement of those of you who are thinking of becoming Catholics, or to put it another way, arguably a more correct one, those of you who are thinking of entering into full communion with the Catholic Church.  All Christians, validly baptised, are in partial communion with us, and we rejoice in that truth. This is why so many ‘converts’ to the Catholic faith, see the final step, that of entering formally into the Catholic Church, as part of a ‘journey’.   Perhaps the idea of taking this final step is something new to you, or it may have been on your mind for some time.  Whatever your personal situation is, we assure you of our prayers as you continue your consideration of this most important life-changing, life-giving, decision.

Below you will find some talks and suggestions to take you further.  Don’t overlook our own RCIA course – a full course of written instruction by Fr Guy de Gaynesford.  Go to the dedicated RCIA page on this website to find it.

Fr Robbie Low The Journey Home – an entertaining and often moving talk by Fr Robbie Low on his spiritual journey into the Catholic Church.  The talk was given in Cornwall in 2009.   A few years later Fr Robbie was ordained to the Catholic priesthood by Bishop Christopher Budd for the diocese of Plymouth, UK.

42 minutes – click on the arrow to listen.
Click here to download this talk as a free podcast from iTunes

The Coming Home Network International

Marcus Grodi, founder of Coming Home Network InternationalAn organisation which exists specifically to assist and encourage those considering entering into full communion, both clergy and lay, is the Coming Home Network International, who are based in Ohio, USA. Their excellent website has many resources available to assist you on your way.  Some of you may be familiar already with The Journey Home programme hosted on EWTN by their founder, Marcus Grodi.   Go to this link to listen to past episodes.


Here in the UK, we have the St Barnabas Society which “exists to provide pastoral and financial help on behalf of the whole Catholic community to former clergy ministers and religious from other churches, who live in Great Britain and Ireland, and who have been led by faith and conscience to come into full communion with the Catholic Church”.  The quotation is taken from the home page of their website. Further information on the St Barnabas Society can be found by going to this link.


What is the intention of Christ for his Church?   These contributions by Fr Guy de Gaynesford help our understanding of this central question.

Ubi Petrus Ibi Ecclesia – a homily for the 21st Sunday Year A – 15 minutes

The Petrine Office from our series on St Peter –  44 minutes

The Church is Catholic  from his commentary on the Catechism – 80 minutes

May God Bless you in your journey.