Fr Guy de Gaynesford’s Podcasts

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Year A Homilies Podcast Artwork

Behold the Lamb – Homilies for Year A
Covering Sundays in Ordinary Time, Lent, Easter and Eastertide in Year A.


Behold the Lamb - Catholic Homilies for Year BBehold the Lamb – Homilies for Year B
Covering Sundays in Ordinary time, Lent, Easter and Eastertide in Year B.


Homilies for the Virgin Mary podcast artworkHomilies for the Blessed Virgin Mary
Homilies preached on the feast days of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Homilies for Feast Days podcast artwork 2Homilies for Feast Days
Homilies preached on certain feast days in the liturgical year.


Homilies for Advent and Christmas artwork 2Homilies for Advent and Christmas
Homilies preached in Advent and Christmas in Years A, B & C.


CCC Artwork for podcast Section 1

The Catechism of the Catholic Church
Section 1: The Profession of Faith.
19 talks covering the first section of the Catechism.    Section One covers how we believe and what we believe – the natural law, divine revelation and the articles of the Christian Creed.

CCC Artwork for podcast Section 2The Catechism of the Catholic Church
Section 2
: The Celebration of the Christian Mystery.
The liturgy, the sacramental economy and the seven sacraments: baptism, confirmation, holy communion, reconciliation (confession), the sacrament of the sick, matrimony and holy orders.

CCC Artwork for podcast Section 3The Catechism of the Catholic Church
Section 3: Life in Christ
This section of the Catechism examines the way our faith forms the way we live. Fr Guy de Gaynesford is currently adding to this podcast.

SP3 Miserere Domine artwork for podcastMiserere Domine – Lord, Have Mercy
Five meditations given during Lent on the subject of mercy.  Fr Guy considers the steps we take as we turn away from sin and towards God.  Each meditation includes the recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Lent Scripture Course Year A podcast artworkA Scripture Course for Lent
Fr Guy de Gaynesford examines the Gospel of each Sunday in Lent in Year A together with the accompanying readings. The course begins with a look at 8 ways to read Scripture with the mind of the Catholic Church.

LECTURES by Fr Guy de Gaynesford given at the SCHOOL OF THE ANNUNCIATION

Theology Doctrine and the Church podcast artworkTheology, Doctrine, Christ and the Church
In an especially lucid exposition Fr Guy de Gaynesford examines the relationship of theology to doctrine, and the relationship of Christ to the Church.

Apologetics for the New Evangelisation Artwork for PodcastApologetics for the New Evangelisation
A series of lectures examining the challenges facing the teaching of the Catholic faith today to a society which is largely either ignorant or indifferent to Christianity.

Creation Fall Virtue Beatitude Artwork for PodcastCreation and Fall, Virtue and Beatitude
An examination of Creation and the Fall with reference to the Catechism. Christ, through his super-abundant self-giving, has conquered sin and with the help of his grace, can lead us to lives of virtue and blessing.

Foundations of the Catholic Faith artwork for podcastThe Foundations of the Catholic Faith
Key doctrines of the Catholic Faith explained and explored, including the Blessed Trinity, the Incarnation, Holy Scripture, the Hierachy of Truths.


FY5 artwork for podcast 2Mary, Mother of the Church
Five talks on the place of Mary in the Church, looking at the doctrines of Mary as Mother of the Church and Mother of God, and her Assumption and Immaculate Conception.

St Paul Teacher of the WorldSP1 Artwork for podcast Sept 2013
These talks were given during during the Year of St Paul in 2008. The podcast comprises eight sessions on the life and ministry of this great Apostle to the Gentiles, from his conversion to his martyrdom.

SP9 Artwork for podcast Sept 13St Peter Prince of the Apostles
These eight talks on St Peter compliment those on St Paul above. They examine the life and ministry of St Peter from his call to follow Christ, his accompanying of Jesus and the disciples and finally as leader of the early Church. The final talk looks at the Petrine Office today.

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