Creation and Fall, Virtue and Beatitude 1: Creation by Fr Guy de Gaynesford

Creation Fall Virtue Beatitude Artwork for PodcastWe are very pleased to be able to publish this series of lectures by Fr Guy de Gaynesford which demonstrate  the deep connection between Creation and the Fall and the redemptive work of Christ whose grace leads us to holiness – lives of virtue and beatitude – when we freely co-operate with it.  In this first talk Fr Guy delves into the Church’s catechesis on Creation with reference to the early chapters of Genesis, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the new encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato Si. With his characteristic clarity Fr Guy explains the deep unity between the ‘first’ creation and the ‘New Creation’ – Christ – the New Adam.

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These talks were given during 2015 at the School of the Annunciation, Buckfast Abbey, Devon. We are grateful to them for permission to publish them on our website. For more information on the School of the Annunciation, a Centre of Adult Education for the New Evangelization, go to this link