The Sacred Priesthood 3 – The Priesthood of All Believers by Fr Robbie Low

FY6 Artwork for podcast finalSt Peter writes that the community of believers is ‘a chosen race, a kingdom of priests, a holy nation‘ (1 Peter 3: 9).  How can we understand this when there are men chosen specifically to be priests – that is, to offer the Sacraments – in the Church? The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that there are two participations in the one priesthood of Christ (1546): ‘Christ, high priest and unique mediator has made of the Church a kingdom, priests, for his God and Father.‘ Quoting from Lumen Gentium 10 it goes on to say that ‘through the sacraments of baptism and confirmation the faithful are consecrated to be a holy priesthood.’ Fr Robbie explains how this expression of priesthood is one all Christians are called to be.

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