The New Translation of the English Roman Missal will be used in all parishes where English is the language of the Mass from Advent 2011.   From September 2011 we will be introduced to the the new translation for the Prayers of the Faithful.  In this talk of 68 minutes Fr Guy de Gaynesford gives an overview of the thinking behind the changes.  The welcome is given by Fr John Rice, parish priest of Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Dorchester.  68 minutes

The Petrine Ministry – the gift of authority to the Church
This audio recording by Fr Guy de Gaynesford explores the historical basis of the papacy and he explains why Catholics accept the position of the Pope as a gift of God to guide and govern the Church and maintain its essential unity – 44 minutes

For our full course on St Peter the Prince of the Apostles click here   

Why does the Catholic Church believe in Purgatory?
This homily was given on the Feast of All Souls by Fr Guy de Gaynesford.  In it he explains the basis of the Catholic doctrine of purgatory.   The Mass readings for the Feast of All Souls are: Isaiah 25:6-9, Ps 26, Romans 5:5-11, Matthew 11:25-30 or Mark 5:33-39, 16:1-6, or Luke 7:11-17

Is Baptism essential for Salvation?  What does the Catholic Church teach about Limbo?
Fr Guy was asked these related questions during a Catholic Alpha course held in his parish a few years ago.  Here are the questions and his answer.  Click on the arrow to listen.  Playing time:  9 minutes