Compact Discs of our Catechism Course

We will be able to sell you sets of CDs of our talks on the Catechism as they become available.

Discs will be packed in sets of four, which will mean four talks of roughly one hour each per set of discs.  The cost is likely to be £8.00 per set plus P & P.  Fr Guy is planning 12 talks for each of the four sections of the Catechism – so you can see that by the end there will be a lot of discs!  However, we believe these make a fantastic parish resource and will be well worth the investment.  We will keep the price as low as we can in line with our principle of providing low cost or free resources to the Church.  Thank you once again to our contributors for making this possible!

We will shortly have an Introductory disc with just the first talk on it for you to pass on to anyone who might be interested.  These will be available FREE OF CHARGE.  If you would like one just send us an email via the contact us page and we will post it as soon as it’s available.

In the meantime, you can keep up with the talks by listening online or download via iTunes……